Ours is an engineering company with two partners and other partners, active since 2003.

The firm is mainly involved in the execution of drawings for steel structures, complete with workshop, assembly and erection drawings, list of materials and files for numerically controlled (CNC) machines.

FeB, a serious and professional firm, offers its expertise to its clients starting from the offer (quantification of weight and of the pre-order of the profiles) up to the final delivery of the project, quickly and with reliable results. A good project is at the base of reducing the realization costs of the final product, just like a correctly executed assembly drawing is at the base of reducing the actual assembly itself.

The firm itself does not carry out the structural sizing aspect but does have a continuous collaboration with trusted professionals of the sector to fulfil this extremely important service; correct sizing can translate into savings both in terms of the weight of the structure and in the costs of the workshop.

Currently the firm uses Tekla Structures software for its three-dimensional modelling; it is extremely precise and automatically corrects errors. This software virtually verifies the exactness of the parts being realized thus shortening timing and eliminating any problems that may arise in the metal-work and for the assemblers.

Studio FeB utilizza Tekla Structures

Currently our offices have 6 Tekla Structures licences that can be extended to 9 through our partners which we often collaborate with.