New Panama Canal






~ 3500 tonn.


The project foresees the construction of the new Panama Canal which doubles the capacity of the Canal thus permitting the transit of bigger ships.

For this reason two triple-flight locks were built: one on the side of the Atlantic and the other on the Pacific. These locks permit the raising of the ships from the level of the Oceans to thank of Lake Gatun and vice versa. Each of the three chambers that make up each lock is 55 metres wide, 427metres long, 18.3 metres deep and is equipped with horizontal sliding bulkhead systems that allow for the surpassing of the existing 27-metre difference in level between the oceans and Lake Gatun.

Studio FeB built the 2 types of bulkheads of the so-called Buoyancy, that is the watertight part of the bulkhead, that will allow them to “float” in the water. As a matter of fact, while the rest of the bulkhead is submerged in water, the Buoyancy can be accessed for control and maintenance.

Moreover, Studio FeB built all the ancillary works of the Lock Gates, all the set ups for transportation on barges of the bulkhead and the set up of all the electrical parts: from the radar to the photocell devices, from the pulley to the wire tensioning devices.

Finally, the tracks on which the bulkhead rolled and the “J-Seal” gasket that closed the canal were also built.