New Malta Parliament






~ 1100 tonn.


The project, designed by Studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop, consists of the new Maltese Parliament.

The buildings, situated in the heart of the capital city, La Valletta, already a World Heritage Site, were to be inserted in a context that took into consideration both the mighty bordering walls, as well as the rocky part of the city.

The new Parliament and nearby offices are connected by two suspended bridges for quick passage, but its real distinguishing mark is what the whole complex is covered with.

Precisely the façades of the Parliament are singled out for the absolutely innovative use of stone. In effect, the strong casing transforms into a complex system within which the stones were entrusted with new functions that go beyond the simple, external finish of the building.

The secondary, self-bearing structure is composed of a mesh of thick pipes with threaded holes where the thick and heavy, coating panels are fastened.

The construction of the façades required intense and unprecedented technological design work of the façades, above all for the study of the façade hooks with which all the tolerance of the building is absorbed.