People Mover






~ 300 tonn.


The “People Mover” in Venice is the system of public transport that connects Tronchetto Island to Piazzale Roma, passing through the Marine area.

It is composed of an elevated infrastructure (from 5 to 7 metres) on which the cable-operated automatic trains with rubber tires run.

Studio FeB created 2 bridges of this structure: the bridge on Santa Chiara canal and the one called “37-33-37” which is situated in the Port Terminal.

The bridge on the Santa Chiara canal is composed of a triangular truss with tubular beams for a length of 50 metres. The infrastructure passes beside the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea so we tried to make the structure as lean as possible for a lower visual impact.

Instead, the “37-33-37” is a box girder bridge with 4 on box pylons that covers a distance of about 110 metres right in front of the Venice port terminal.